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Enactus Mount Allison is a community of students whose dedication to make a difference are centered around values such as creativity, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and resilience. Enactus Mount Allison officially took off in 2013 with the sole aim of making an impact in our Sackville community. With the help of dedicated students and faculty, over the years, Enactus Mount Allison has made significant contributions to students’ life on campus selling textbooks at discounted prices to educating community members on proper waste sorting.

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At Enactus Mount Allison, we continue to push boundaries using entrepreneurship while improving each Mount Allison members potential. We compete at both Regional and National Competitions in March and May respectively. At these competitions, we, alongside students from coast to coast to coast, pitch ideas that are centered around environmental, social and economic causes which are the main goals of Enactus.

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