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We're Hiring!

 Look below to see what positions are currently being sought! This will continue to be updated.


  • Videographer: Help create a 12-minute video for May 2024 that incorporates all projects (Presidents will give lots of direction). We will use this to compete nationally. (LOOKING FOR)

  • Distribution Coordinator: The two individuals will be responsible for monitoring and refilling baskets as well as monitoring the Google form (for refills). They will work with the team to find the need across campus. (FOUND FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR)

  • Donation Coordinator:  This individual or individuals will coordinate donations, working with our project manager and president to ensure we meet our needs. They will help coordinate ways for donations to occur (or financial sponsorship) (FOUND FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR)

  • General Team Members: These individuals will help the team with all roles, events, donations, and distribution. media (talking to our VP-Communication) (STILL LOOKING TO GROW TEAM)

  • Co-Project Manager (1 Position): works with another project manager to oversee and work on the project. Looking for someone familiar with either PET plastic or 3D printing (but not a requirement) (FOUND FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR)

  • Design Coordinator (1+ Positions): individual will help in creating a device to convert bottles to filament (1/2 way there), after completion, they will help in designing products to produce with the team (LOOKING)

  • 3D Printer Tech (1-2 Positions): Help ensure filament does not get stuck, and designs go to completion. (LOOKING)

  • Recycling Signage Coordinator (1 Position): Creating posters for the project and coordinating with VP-Communications (Found for 23-24 year)

  • General Team Members (5 Positions): These individuals will help the team with all roles, events etc. (LOOKING FOR MORE)

  • Project Manager: Works to oversee and delegate responsibilities, in charge of operation. (Found)

  • Research Assistant: Help in developing goals and timeline in addition to researching hydroponics. (LOOKING FOR MORE)

  • Hydroponic technician: Help to operate hydroponics, nutrient levels, water amounts, and help preform general repairs. (FOUND FOR 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR)

Found something you like?

Let us know! Reach us using the form below (or email us) if you're looking to fill in a position or to join the club as a member.

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