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We're Hiring!


  • Volunteer position within Enactus Mount Allison University to help coordinate travel, accommodations etc. for regional and national competitions.  

  • Distribution Coordinator:  Will be responsible for monitoring and refilling baskets and monitoring the Google form (for refills). They will work with the team to find the need across campus.

  • Donation Coordinator:  These individuals will coordinate donations, working with our project manager and president to ensure we meet our needs. They will help coordinate ways for donations to occur.

  • General Team Members: These individuals will help the team with all roles, events, donations, and distribution. 

  • Design Coordinator (1+ Positions): The individual will help in creating a device to convert bottles to filament (1/2 way there), after completion, they will help in designing products to produce with the team.

  • 3D Printer Tech (1-2 Positions): Help ensure filament does not get stuck, and designs go to completion. 

  • Recycling Signage Coordinator (1 Position): Creating posters for the project and coordinating with VP-Communications.

  • Research Assistant: Help in developing goals and timelines in addition to researching.

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