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Enviroot is all about turning orange peels into particle boards.

(L-R) (2021) - Dr. Andrew Grant (Associate Professor of Chemistry), Padmapriya Srinivasan (Project Manager), Lopsii Olagoke (former Co-President Enactus Mount Allison), Esther Ataikiru (former Assistant Project Manager and Research Assistant).

Ideally, particle boards are made from trees and contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. As folks concerned about our wellbeing, we investigated this and wanted to find a suitable replacement that would reduce deforestation as well as be sustainable.

soft board2.jpg

We have created a prototype and plan on working with consultants and engineers on the next phase of our project.

(L-R) (2022)- Anas Iqelan (Research Assistant) and Padmapriya Srinivasan (Project Manager)


- Continued project and competed in both Regionals (Halifax, NS) and Nationals (Montreal, QB).

-Partnered with Independent Grocer (Sackville, NB) to mitigate 1/4 tonne of citrus waste and created products (i.e. Dart Boards), and gave out free fruit to students as grocery prices continued to rise.

- Won 1/5 Hazelview Properties project accelerators

Project Manager(s): Anas Iqelan & Abigail Austin
Artist & Researcher: Lisa


Winning Scotiabank Climate 2nd Runner Up (Halifax, NS)

Left To Right:
Abigail Austin
Paul Adebola Oyedijo
Anas Iqelan

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