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Previous Projects

textbook osmosis.png

Textbook Osmosis

A project whose aim was to reduce the amount of textbooks going into landfills through reusing, repurposing and recycling. 

solution duck2.jpg

Solution Duck

Solution Duck was created as a student-run consulting business to work with small, struggling businesses.


A collaboration between Enactus members and students and faculty in Mount Allison University’s Chemistry department to develop novel ways of synthesizing building materials from organic waste. In 2023, Anas, Abigail, and Lisa developed a dart board and mitigated citrus waste from a local grocer to offset CO2 and provide free fresh produce to MTA students and faculty. 

learn to grow.png

Learn To Grow

A project designed to share resources in our community and promote healthy and local eating and growing.

faces of environmentalism.jpg

Faces of Environmentalism

Faces of Environmentalism raised awareness for local environmental groups.

Mount Allison Farm

A project that motivated local growing in Mount Allison's Farm.

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