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Current Projects

Build Project

The Build Project focuses on recycling plastic PET waste and making it into 3D print filament for new and sustainable products.

Grow Project

A project focused on growing upwards! Through the use of vertical farming. The project plans to have several grow towers to provide a lower priced, local, and sustainable veggies/herbs for the Sackville Community. With prices rising, we find it crucial to ensure affordable options. A portion of our veggies will be donated to those in need.

Period Project

Project Led by Abigail and Gurnoor to help in mitigating period poverty across campus. Currently dispensing in over 20 restrooms for women, men, and non-gender specific. We share the goal of reducing the financial burden on students and educating the community about reproductive health and safe practices. The project is 100% Carbon neutral and is philanthropy-based.  If you would like to donate please reach out at

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